The Girl in the Red Dress

It was during winter I realised that I had been so delusional about what‘s been going around in my life. Everything then suddenly started to become clear as I later found that she was just a part of my delusion. It all started when I took up the work at the cafeteria near my college... Continue Reading →

Away with Hemingway

When you are in a mood to take a walk alone with your mind I truly recommend to you the books written by Hemingway, cause he has such a simple way of writing that you can’t resist reading. For me the whole reading experience of Hemingway is a kind of fishing experience, from the fish’s... Continue Reading →

Why I Read

When  I seek for company, I look for pleasure When I seek for pleasure, I look for knowledge When I seek for knowledge, I look for culture When I seek for culture, I look for words When I seek for words, I look for wisdom When I  seek for wisdom, I look for truth  ... Continue Reading →

Into the world of relativity…

It was astounding even to read a book which gave a brief description of the relativity theory proposed by Dr. Albert Einstein. The introduction of curved space reality within the realm of classical physics came as a severe blow to the most fundamental concept of gravity that revolutionized the whole world. It was like when... Continue Reading →

Deep into the mystery of time

“The ultimate triumph of human reason would be to answer the question of why everything exists, as for then we would know the mind of God” - Stephan HawkingThe book 'A brief history of time' is a record of wonder that human mind has unraveled about the universe. There are questions that linger around everyone’s... Continue Reading →

Fullerenes a.k.a Bucky Balls

Carbon is considered to be one of the most fascinating elements in this world. From the most precious substance to the most fundamental element of life it remains to be one of the basic building blocks in this world. The book, however, here discusses about the recently discovered yet another allotropic form of carbon known... Continue Reading →

Getting lost in yourself

Yes, everybody can get lost in themselves. You can travel far and wide in yourself without anybody questioning you, without any strings attached, without any meaning, and even without moving a bit from where you are. Yes, I travel a lot in me, like you. I have no friends, but are there any to anybody... Continue Reading →

Paul Kalanithi

There are some questions in life which can only be answered by experience rather than by mere observation and thought. It is in search of answers to such questions that Paul had lived throughout his life. The questions of meaning and death to life. He had explored his life through arts, science, and philosophy to... Continue Reading →

Childhood memories

One among the most cherished memories of any person, in their entire life, must have to be the innocent period during their childhood days. Those days when '....[one] had no useful role to play in this world; and that old palki, too, had been dismissed from all forms of useful employment...' Ah, how beautiful is... Continue Reading →

Being Simple

“Truth is rarely pure and never simple” - Oscar Wilde, The importance of being earnest Being able to speak the truth is so relieving and yet at times is so hard. Why is it so? Why is it that being truthful so hard? The reason, I believe, is that truth, at times, never remains simple... Continue Reading →

A Comment on Love

There was a question that had intrigued me recently from one of the reviews that I had read in Goodreads. The question was “what is love?” How simple a question isn’t it? But it is nevertheless the one that we all have faced or are facing at various points in our life. Even though the... Continue Reading →

My friend from the past

Recently I read the book 'The diary of a Young Girl' which echoes the voice of Anne who was the victim of the holocaust during the WWII. In spite of all the suffering she endured she transforms herself into an independent women having strong hopes and aspirations for a future after the war. The diary... Continue Reading →

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